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Thanks for clicking through! 

Yes! Those reviews to the right are from my real customers! I met each one of them right here online just like this. 

I love what I do and can't do anything else. I don't have a J-O-B, nope, I get to make new friends and see cool houses and get paid for it. That's what I say whenever I'm asked "What do you do?" 

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being a hairdresser. (Yep, I'm a girly girl) So off to beauty school I went and graduated from high school and cosmetology school about the same time. I loved doing hair and built a great clientele. Many of my customers and friends are on my Facebook page still to this day. Back then they knew me by my stage name. Bet you didn't know that your favorite stylist is using a fake name, did you? It's true. You'll have to buy a house from me to find out what it was. It's an awesome name and story. 

When my two daughters were born, I did not want to leave them all day for the salon, so I stayed home with them until they were in school all day. That's when I met my favorite and best Mentor ever. His name is Curt. Boy did he shape me up! He took my outgoing self, decent sales skills and endless energy and turned me into a Realtor. I will forever be grateful. The first year was awesome! I did great and felt like a Rock Star! There were plenty of lessons learned and expensive ones at that. But I was definitely hooked! My claim to fame is, I never make the same mistake twice. (pretend I inserted a smiley face here) 

One day while driving through the corn field town I lived in called Canton, MI, I saw a field being cleared for new homes. I stopped in and asked some questions and a short time later the cool, good looking, Italian Builder asked me to sit in his model home and he would pay me on every sale that came in the door. Well that seemed like a pot of gold to me. So I said yes and little did I know that "yes" would change my life. I learned so much about building from that small family business that I was recruited over and over again by bigger and bigger Builders. To this day, I feel the most proud of my accomplishments when I drive through one of the communities I built and remember each family and their home. It's really cool when I drive through and someone still lives there and recognizes me!

I'm lucky to be able to still drive by my old communities as my Mom and Dad still live in Canton, in the same home I grew up in. They are really cool. My Dad is the unofficial Mayor of the town, as he helps out the community and neighbors often. He's really bad with remembering names but has a weird brain that can do crazy Math and remember every dog he's ever met! He wears many hats and answers to pretty much any name but he's probably known best by Mr. Bob. His bride of 50 years is head of the house. Mom runs the show! Dad calls her "Queeny" or "Honeybun" but I think she likes "Grandma" best. That's because she lights up when Brittany or Lulu call her.

mom and dad

Britt lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her pain in the butt dog named Koda.... I'll save his story for when we meet. Britt has a Masters Degree and works in Finance. Her favorite younger sister is Lulu. Lu lives in Seattle WA and graduated from the University of Florida and immediately went across the country to work in Marketing. (Lu doesn't have any pets) Both girls love to run and have done marathons. I really miss them living so far away. But don't you worry about the distance, that's because my wonderful husband is a commercial airline Pilot. We moved to Naples back in 2005. He works out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It's not a bad drive and he usually works weekends. So see... this is where you realize that I'm completely available to hang with you! Yeah! 


So now that you have my background down, let me give you the cliff notes for after 2005 to present: 

  •  I worked for several builders in Naples over the past 15 years
  •  Yellow is my favorite color
  •  My husband and I love CARS!
  •  I'm not afraid of snakes but hate spiders
  •  I had a very scary encounter with FOUR bears (I didn't sleep for a week)
  •  Jeremy and I got married in Napa, CA. It was a great week with 18 friends
  •  I went to Spain in 2017 and really loved it. 
  •  My 50th birthday party was in Maui, HI
  •  I'm self employed with MVP Realty and love it here.
  •  I love to travel and if you have a northern home, I've been known to just stop by. 
  •  Italy is my next big trip but not sure when that will be yet.
  •  My husband only allows me one small carry-on bag when we travel (We fly free) YEAH again!
  •  Sir Gatsby & Dr. Watson are the other two lover boys in our house. They are white Persian kitties
  •  Check out Sir Gatsby's Facebook page, he's a ham!
  •  You may already know I'm a real FOODY! I love Food and Wine and Margarita's and Gin Cocktails. 
  •  I love to YELP about my food. I'm an elite Yelper. (That is cooler than a regular Yelper) 
  •  I hate to exercise.... I know... right!
  •  70's music is the BEST!

But the coolest thing about me is I am a ton fun and we will have a great time checking out some amazing properties. 

We will be friends for a long time and I will make sure that this is the best move of your life! I actually have one couple I met in 2009 and they did not buy a home from me until 2018! But for 9 years they visited us here in Naples and we visited them in Kansas City. I hope it doesn't take you 9 years to move to Naples, because that is way to many beach walks and sunsets you will miss!