New Construction in Naples

By contacting Patti, she can be your representative to help you through the builders’ contract, negotiations, follow-up, walk-throughs and closing. She can take pictures for you, help with any construction questions and make cost saving suggestions during the building period. This does not cost you anything and you gain the knowledge and experience from a veteran On-Site Sales Agent with 21 years of Builder experience. Builders do not negotiate “more” if you don’t have a Realtor. In other words, skipping your right to Realtor representation may even cost you in mistakes or missed opportunities. The reason for this is because things are done differently than in the past. Most builders set up a Marketing budget and include the commission they pay Realtors in that budget. The cost of TV and Print media is expensive, the Builders have found out transferring some of their budget dollars to Realtors becomes much more productive for them.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Builder can track exactly where their money went
  • They create Realtor “fans” of their community and get more exposure than they would alone
  • The Builder can communicate with the Realtor to find upcoming trends in the area market
  • The Onsite salesperson has a Realtor to reach out to when closing the sale
  • The #1 Reason: Realtors bring repeat business!

Before going into a new community, PLEASE contact Patti to represent YOU. Builders require you to be escorted by Patti upon your first visit to their location, even if you are “just looking”

So many questions come up during construction and the onsite salesperson works for the builder, not for you. Having Patti Fortune as your personal representative will be priceless!